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Spinglass Management Group, LLC

Spinglass Management Group, LLC is a leading regional business advisory firm made up of passionate professionals that focus on establishing relationships that create value. We recognize that organizational challenges are holistic and multi-disciplinary, and solving organizational problems requires perseverance. Whether we’re working with a start-up or turnaround, healthy or not, we strive to make a difference. Our clients benefit from our energy and integrity.

We advise boards, management, investors, law firms, and the entrepreneur. Our services are about our client’s needs; that’s our absolute focus. From the first meeting, we strive to understand what our value is in the relationship. We ask what we can add, and the answer to this question determines our involvement. It is our past relationships that sell our future services. Our existence as a successful firm is dependent upon the value we bring to each and every relationship; we take it seriously.

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