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We borrow our name from the field of condensed matter physics. Spin glasses are disordered magnetic systems that have led to the development of mathematical tools with an array of real world applications.  The spin glass is a magnet with frustrated interactions, a confection of positive and negative feedbacks occurring as each of the magnetic atoms try to align its associated magnet with neighbors. Frustration occurs due to the conflict and competition among the interaction of spins.  Spin glass concepts and ideas have found applications in areas as diverse as computational complexity, biological and artificial neural networks, combinatorial optimization, social network modeling and organization science.

What does this have to do with a Consulting firm?  Organization science has recognized that the properties of a spin glass are similar to a complex system.  A complex system is comprised of numerous interacting entities, each of which is behaving in its local context according to some rule, law, or force.  In responding to their own particular local contexts, these individual parts can cause the system as a whole to display emergent patterns at the global level.  Complex social systems are characterized by the emergence of new structures, non-linearity, uncertainty and limited information, anticipation and expectations, as well as learning and adaptation.

At Spinglass Management Group, LLC, our philosophy is that in a global and interconnected marketplace, bureaucratic approaches to the practice of management have an emphasis on functional silo, which inherently stifles innovation and change, the raw material necessary for an organization to constantly adapt and succeed.  We recognize that interaction with integrity produces change.  Our firm has assembled a group of professionals with developed skills in diverse backgrounds. This varied experience base can be called upon to quickly and efficiently solve a variety of organizational problems.

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