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Fraud and Forensic Accounting Experience

Greenville, SC: Retained by large multi national company to analyze cash flows in defense of multi million dollar preference action.
Portland, ME: Retained as financial consultant for as 11 entity real estate company with over $30 million in debt with 23 different secured creditors. Reconstructed financial records over a 6 year period to allow for statement of intracompany balances, for claims and preference purposes
Litchfield, ME: Retained by secured creditor in lawsuit matter to defend lender liability case.  Performed financial analysis to determine valuation and forensically reviewed books to determine flow of funds in successful defense of claims
Scarborough, ME: Reconstructed financial records for $10 million construction company for preparation of bankruptcy plans in support of plan of reorganization.
Barry Mills, NB Canada: Retained by shareholder to analyze transactions in partnership to determine cash flows to majority shareholder. Engagement involved complete reconstruction of financial records
Lincoln, ME: Retained by $5 million trucking company to analyze financial statements and prepare pro-forma financial statements for reorganization purposes.  Engagement required complete reconstruction of accounting records over a one year period to support reporting to investors, and to serve as a foundation in the financial statement projections
Portland, ME: Retained by unsecured creditors committee in a $10 million contractor for accounting record and forensic accounting matters in addition to valuation.
Bangor, ME: Served as forensic accountant and interim finance department over an 8 month period for a $40 million health services business.  Conducted internal controls review for $10 million health organization with multiple entities
Bath, ME: Assisted with claims analysis for company in chapter 11, including preferences and fraudulent transfers.  Researched related party transactions in support of Trustee lawsuit
Oxford, ME: Served as interim CFO for a six month period for a $15 million manufacturer in transition to a new investor group. Responsibilities included investigation of theft by prior management
Hartland, ME: Court appointed Trustee to sell certain real estate assets and pursue preference claims for the benefit of creditors.
New Burnham, NH: Served as accountant and financial analyst in the reconstruction of multiple years of financial statements for a 5 unit restaurant chain.
Waterbury, CT: Retained by secured creditor to perform financial analysis on a $30 million revenues fuel oil distributor.  Retention included analysis of revenue stream and analysis of contractual commitments and capital requirements
Wells, ME: Served as financial analyst and forensic accountant for shareholder dispute related to $10 million business. Evaluated multiple years of financial statements for presentation of transactions and accounting activity to equity partners and their respective lawyers
Philadelphia, PA: Served as accountant for an $7 million non profit to reconstruct records in support of financial analysis required by secured creditor.  Prepared revised operational review plan and financial projections
Bangor, ME: Retained by bankruptcy trustee for a $50 million multi entity railroad for various forensic accounting purposes including reconstruction of accounting records, completion of tax returns, and analysis of solvency.
Lewiston, ME: Retained as forensic accountant in the reconstruction of accounting records in successful defense against various claims.
Windham, ME: Retained by minority shareholders for forensic accounting services in the analysis of financial transactions over a three year period as litigation support and to assist in settlement discussions with majority shareholders.
Gorham, NH: Reconstructed financial records for four entities with accounting in substantial disarray.  Reconstruction work was necessary. Report to creditors, prepare projections, and file bankruptcy
Gorham, ME: Retained by fuel oil business with 4 gas stations to reconstruct financial statements in support of negotiation with creditors and bankruptcy filing.  Work included complete reconstruction of financial records over a two year period
Windham, ME: Retained by start-up management team to reconstruct accounting records.  Reconstructed financial statements for a two year period to allow for investor due diligence
Baileys Island, ME: Served as forensic accountant and financial analyst in the reconstruction of a marine related business and restaurant operation.  Work included preparation of financial projections for secured creditor and business planning purposes
Biddeford, ME: Retained by State of Maine Attorney General to investigate fraud and misappropriation of financial deposits with fuel business.  Worked with local police department to secure financial records for analysis
Sanford, ME: Retained by unsecured creditors to analyze bankruptcy plans. Subsequently retained as trustee to pursue preference claims and distribute assets
Greenville, ME: Retained by both partners in a real estate and marina business to analyze transactions in dispute and reconstruct accounting records.