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Interim and Crises Management


With our interim management services, we work with a management team for a period of time, typically for a company in some form of transition.  Senior management may have suddenly departed the organization, or it may be that the entrepreneurial venture cannot yet retain the required talent on a full time basis.  Perhaps additional talent is necessary in response to some other event, or the business needs a talent level on a less than full time basis.  Our professionals have filled roles such as the CFO or Controller in a post-acquisition business for the stabilization period; as Chief Information Officer in areas of technology platform development or change; or as Chief Operating Officer for the start up or business in transition. Our interim management services include:

  • Chief Recovery Officer
  • CFO and Controller services
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Transition leadership and change
  • Organizational leadership for stabilization

When working closely with a management team, our goal is to work through the transition period as a bridge to the long term management talent that the company will eventually acquire. With this in mind, our caretaker role is sensitive to the relationships that a company has with its employees, customers, vendors, creditors, and other related parties. We recognize that enterprise value depends upon these relationships, and our job is to create a long term management team prepared to execute.

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