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IT Integration and Support


Human organizations require and depend on information technologies that are complex, inter-dependent, diverse and ever changing.  These technologies can greatly enhance or quickly destroy an organization’s capabilities.   To assist our clients we bring wide and diverse experience in management of technology change, new technology acquisition and implementation, planning for technology changes and much more.  Our information technology services include:

  • Application modernization, troubleshooting and development
  • Business process review and assessment
  • Cloud service consulting, implementation and assistance
  • CRM and ERP system consulting
  • IT design, review and assessment
  • Network support
  • Microsoft application development
  • Microsoft Sharepoint consulting
  • Systems integration
  • Security review and assessment

Our firm brings decades of experience assisting hundreds of companies with information technology issues.  Our staff’s broad and deep experience over multiple cycles of technical change give Spinglass the ability to assist at many levels; from senior management down to line and office workers.