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Turnaround, Reorganization, and Distress


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Our firm is frequently engaged in areas where change is necessary in an organization. There are many circumstances that would require reorganization; perhaps the organization has reached a point of crises and substantial intervention is required; perhaps the organization is under pressure from creditors and is experiencing cash flow difficulties; or perhaps the company can foresee market change and the business should be reorganized while goodwill and a collateral base still exist. Whatever the reason, our Business Reorganization and Turnaround services include:

  • Operational review
  • Out of court workouts
  • Interim management
  • Bankruptcy advisory
  • Viability assessments
  • Valuation analysis
  • Asset liquidation
  • Financial and debt restructuring
  • Organizational chart analysis and restructure

Our firm has been retained in hundreds of cases where dramatic change is required to create value. This experience base allows us to take immediate action in these crises situations.

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