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Trustee, Receiver and Chief Restructuring Officer


Sometimes situations in distress, or other forms of turbulence such as management malfeasance or deteriorating credibility, create the need for outside leadership.  Perhaps board, investor, or creditor confidence has been eroded by year over year losses or variances from budget.  The family business may be in a frozen culture state, or shareholders may not agree upon a course of action, leading to deadlock.  Perhaps the cash flow is so limited that management has departed and a third party must liquidate the collateral.  Or perhaps the company is simply in a turnaround situation where the business needs dynamic crises management or change in leadership.   Whatever the case may be, our Trustee, Receiver, and Chief Restructuring Officer services include:

  • Organizational leadership
  • Operational review
  • Management of outside professionals
  • Management restructuring
  • Asset liquidation
  • Court appointed Trustee or Receiver
  • Creditor negotiation
  • Expert testimony

Since 2002, our firm has been retained in a number of cases every year as a court appointed trustee or receiver, or as a consensual CRO based upon negotiation between company and creditor.  Our expertise in these types of cases allow for strong leadership that can navigate a difficult landscape.

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