Hospitality Operational Reviews

Operational focus and regular measurement of key indicators is the foundation of success within the hospitality industry. People are the primary asset. We recognize this and focus on training, implementation and accountability. Our reviews are designed to identify unfavorable practices, weak controls and inconsistencies in operations which affect organizational success. We tailor our operational and financial reviews to each unique business.

Our Services Include:

  • Inventory control and purchasing
  • Product costing
  • Flash reports
  • Gross profit optimization
  • Menu engineering
  • HR and training
  • Corporate policies
  • Labor scheduling
  • Organizational chart and job descriptions
  • Performance reviews
  • Workflow studies
  • Guest satisfaction
  • Systems and procedures
  • Operational forms and checklists

We help identify problem areas and create an action plan to get your operation back on track. In an industry with so many variables, it is imperative that sound controls exist to succeed.