Lender Services and Collateral Review

We are retained to look below the service. We assist lenders in mitigating risks related to credit and collateral. We offer outsourced underwriting support for lending institutions that need additional credit expertise on complicated loan. We also offer field exam services for clients that need a third-party assessment of collateral. Our work provides an in-depth analysis of the accounting records to address internal controls, eligibility of collateral, and recommended advance rates.

Our services include:
  • Asset based field exams
  • Customized due diligence
  • Inventory count and valuation
  • Collections and loan workouts
  • Borrower IT review
  • Accounts receivable verification
  • Buyer and seller due diligence

We can assist in the labor intensive and time-consuming efforts of dealing with a problem loan. Our services can provide comfort that collateral exists and is properly valued. In addition, our work can evaluate the capability of the accounting system to report results with integrity.