Machine and Tooling

Our project experience and the related services we provide are listed below.

Sarasota, FL

Retained by buyer in acquisition.  Perform due diligence on target company including financial projection and analysis.  Meet with equity and debt sources to fund acquisition. Assist in financing for merged companies.

Norway, ME

Served as interim CFO for a six-month period for a $15MM manufacturer in transition to a new investor group. Responsibilities included investigation of theft by prior CFO.

Conway, NH

Performed a collateral audit on a $20MM gun barrel manufacturing company with exposure of $5MM.

Westbrook, ME

Performed a collateral audit on a $15MM machine products manufacturer with LOC exposure of $1.75MM.

Benton, ME

Retained by manufacturer to study cost benefit of purchase of large machines, and to study the acquisition of new customer work and calculation of break-even point.

Norway, ME

Retained as interim CRO and CFO for $25MM manufacturer to reconstruct financial statements, rebuild inventory systems, stabilize vendor and customer relationships, and meet the reporting needs of the secured creditor.  Restructured company from annual loss of $3MM to break even in one year through contract negotiation and restructure of management team.  Subsequent to restructuring engagement, served on advisory board where company eventually sold for $75MM.

Benton, ME

Served as financial advisor for a $5MM machine shop in workout with secured creditor. Assisted with stabilization of operations and successful refinancing.  Prepared business plans and projections in support of refinance effort and in negotiation with secured creditor.  Served as CRO for oversite with FAME.

Biddeford, ME

Served as financial advisor for a $5MM machine shop in the injected molded plastics space.  Responsibilities included preparation of financial statements to solicit capital and to communicate with management team to restructure operations.