Professional Services

Our project experience and the related services we provide are listed below.

Portland, ME

Retained as outsourced finance professional for startup in the insurance industry.  Responsibilities include assistance with the development of the technology, ongoing accounting and financial management.

Scarborough, ME

Retained by engineering firm to evaluate validity of ESOP valuation and owner note receivable in transfer of business to ESOP.

New York, NY

Retained by a $25MM service business in the healthcare space to prepare the investment memorandum and advise on a sale of the business to a multinational strategic buyer in the same industry.

Portland, ME

Retained by a $40MM national services firm to assist in a management buy-out from a European based parent company. This engagement required preparation of plans and forecasts to obtain debt and equity to complete the acquisition and a subsequent quarterback role in the negotiation discussions.

Portland, ME

Retained to serve as interim CFO due to sudden departure of management.  Performed as CFO for a 9-month period, lending stability to the organization while assisting in the search for a permanent position.

Portland, ME

Retained by law firm to assist with valuation dispute.  Retention included analysis of 5 years of financial history followed by opinion of value report.

Chelmsford, MA

Retained as interim controller for a 5-month period to assist finance director in $5MM nonprofit subsequent to financial misappropriation.

Portland, ME

Retained by majority shareholder in $15MM contractor to assist with organization chart, profit sharing and bonus programs.  Led management working sessions with senior management team to design new organization chart.  Served as interim CFO for 6-month transition period to restructure accounting department.

Portland, ME

Retained by a $40MM national services firm to assist in planning and lead an ESOP transaction for $40MM national engineering firm.

Philadelphia, PA

Served as accountant for a $7MM nonprofit to reconstruct records in support of financial analysis required by secured creditor. Prepared revised operational review plan and financial projections.

Coral Gables, FL

Retained as management consultant to prepare multiple training programs and subsequently provide training to management teams in the required discipline.

Portland, ME

Performed a collateral audit on a $10MM engineering and project management firm.

Portland, ME

Performed a collateral audit on a $20MM consulting and engineering firm with LOC exposure of $2.8MM.