Real Estate

Our project experience and the related services we provide are listed below.

Seattle, WA

Retained by investor to analyze various target companies for real estate investment purposes.  Perform preliminary due diligence on prospective acquisitions.

Portland, ME

Retained as financial consultant for an 11-entity real estate company with over $30MM in debt with 23 different secured creditors. Responsible for claims analysis, monthly financial reporting, monthly operating reports, and financial projections for plan construction.  Successfully emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Assume leadership role in global refinancing with new secured creditor.

West Ossipee, NH

Retained by lawyer for debtor in Chapter 11 bankruptcy to support plan of reorganization, prepare projections, reconstruct financial records, supervise all bankruptcy related reporting requirements.

Rockingham, VT

Retained by secured creditor as receiver for manufacturing plant with real estate, accounts receivable, and inventory.  Responsible for liquidation of all assets for the benefit of the secured creditor.

Westbrook, ME

Served as Receiver to operate company and liquidate real estate for service business in shareholder dispute.  Successfully sold business and paid secured debt.

Portland, ME

Retained by real estate partner investors in over 25 partnerships to analyze distributions over a 15-year period to assist in the restatement of partner capital accounts.  Support included review of tax returns, balance sheets, and partner distribution accounts.

Portland, ME

Retained to advise real estate holding company on management matters and performance issues.  Assisted with settlement in disputed matter.

Miami, FL

Retained to assist in financial analysis and ongoing cash flow needs in negotiation with Internal Revenue Service.  Assist in the liquidation of assets and negotiation with various creditors.

Kenduskeag, ME

Performed a collateral audit on a $20MM log homes manufacturer with LOC exposure of $3MM. Retained by the secured creditor for two engagements.

Scarborough, ME

Reconstructed financial records for $10MM construction company for preparation of bankruptcy plans in support of plan of reorganization.

Hartland, ME

Court appointed Trustee to sell certain real estate assets and pursue preference claims for the benefit of creditors.

Greenville, ME

Retained by both partners in a real estate and marina business to analyze transactions in dispute and reconstruct accounting records.